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Stirling Engine Community
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10th-Aug-2006 12:28 pm(no subject)
Interesting news. Whispergen Ltd. has been doing trial runs in various EU countries for a few years now, and their latest target is Germany, where 20 homes are being rigged with CHP AC units. Already available in the UK, they run off mains natural gas or bottled LPG, and can generate up to 1kW of power. There's a standalone DC variant that's rated for 800W, fixed or portable.

The full press release can be read here.

One question comes to mind though. Why are they doing trials in every individual country? Isn't cutting down on this sort of paperwork part of the reason the EU was formed in the first place?

And why can't I buy one in Australia yet?
8th-Jun-2006 10:30 pm(no subject)
This is purely coincidence, I swear. I was going through old newsfeed messages I'd never read, and came across an article concerning SES and two power utility companies collaborating to build full-blown solar Stirling generator farms in California. Promising stuff!
8th-Jun-2006 08:19 am(no subject)
Funny how just as I want to find a Stirling community, one has just been founded. :D Anyhow, never mind that. Introductions! I'm another interested Stirling observer, a network engineering student located in Australia.

And now, for my first question...Collapse )
20th-May-2006 10:50 am - The Little Engine that Might
I recently saw the Stirling engine on a discovery channel program. They mentioned it briefly and moved on.

"Wow," I thought, "That looks really neat. I should look it up on the interthingy!"

Then, since I'm an LJ fan, I found this group and went to write its first editorial.

So, I've found the major webites. I might even experiment with my own version, but I'm not really mechanically inclined. The engine itself is a bit of a contradiction. It solved a problem that got solve three other ways, so it's never really caught on. There's no place you can buy a 500 watt Stirling engine for the same price as similar internal combustion (IC) engine. You'd wonder if they the were even feasable beyond toy demos, except for the high-end yacht generators and the submarine engines.

However, as the cost of energy goes up, old ideas get new attention. I like the idea of bio fuels, but can the world grow both food and fuel for the modern population? We want to burn a soy based fuel to save the environment, but most of the Amazon deforestation is by giant soy farming corporations.

I'm optimisted about wind and solar energy. The sun dumps a lot of energy on the planet and makes things happen. I'm hoping that direct solar and wind power have the power to at least put some slack in the oil feeding frenzy. Hot air engines seem to have some advantages there. They certainly have some fun prospects.

For Summer energy storage, I'm wondering about the possibility of ice? It takes a lot of work to make ice. It would seem you could get a lot out of it. Use the extra energy during the day to make an insulated tank of ice slurry. At night use it to air condition the house, with the difference between warm house air and the ice to run a Stirling engine to pump water and circulate the air.
4th-Mar-2006 10:00 pm(no subject)
Everone can relax, there is a stirling engine community now.

I can't think of anything else to add at the moment.
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