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Stirling Engine Community
This is purely coincidence, I swear. I was going through old newsfeed… 
8th-Jun-2006 10:30 pm
This is purely coincidence, I swear. I was going through old newsfeed messages I'd never read, and came across an article concerning SES and two power utility companies collaborating to build full-blown solar Stirling generator farms in California. Promising stuff!
8th-Jun-2006 11:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah I remember hearing about that farm on NPR last year. It's promising alright, but—as I think I've alluded to elsewhere—I wish SES and the others were headed in a more consumer-market direction. I'm glad they are talking about real stirling plants, but in my mind, the ideal of stirling engineering would be a kilowatt or so stirling on every roof, in every yard, et cetera. Unfortunately companies like SES seem convinced (probably correctly) that there's more money to be made in building and maintaining these vast utility-managed power stations than in smaller, cheaper units. Also, I've heard rumors that SES isn't quite in as good shape as they'd like us to believe they are. But there are a lot of crazy rumors going around these days. I certainly wish them luck, and hope it is indicative of the long-term commercial viability of the new stirlings. Especially what with the free pistons being developed and all. Good times for stirlings ahead, I reckon.
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